A comprehensive pedestrian simulation software to improve pedestrian safety and walkability in public transportation, urban planning, and evacuation situations.

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SimWalk Pro Applications


 Safety evaluation of exit routes of stations, airports, sports stadium, buildings, etc.

 Urban planning

 Integration of pedestrian scenarios in normal traffic simulation

 Evacuation studies

SimWalk Transport Applications


 Simulation and analysis of passenger movements in train and bus stations

 Design of station and related objects like platforms, stairs, ticket counters, etc. to optimize passenger safety and efficiency

 Optimize train timetable, passenger transfer times and connections

Software Outputs for Analysis




 Transfer times

 Walking speeds

 Count and flow rates

 Space utilization

 3D visualization for presentations

Authorized SimWalk Reseller

MultiModes is the sole authorized reseller of SimWalk pedestrian simulation software in the US.


SimWalk is available in two versions: SimWalk Pro and SimWalk Transport.

Click below to see simulation examples.

Casino Evacuation

Urban Pedestrian Corridor

Train Station